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List of Services

A group of professional and experienced interpreters and translators who got together in order to service the community in dedication and at very competitive rates.

Telephone Interpreting

Precise Written Translations

Literature translation 

Face to Face Interpreting

 Interpreters will attend your meeting in person, to enable responsive and accurate communication between English and non-English speakers. 

Consecutive Interpreting Police or NHS

  | £35+ /h

Simultaneous Interpreting

| £35+ /h

Whisper Interpreting

| £35+ /h

Escort/Travel Interpreting

| £55+ /h

Over-the-phone interpreting

 | £35+ /h

Conference Interpreting

 | £150+ /h

High Profile Interpreting

 | £150+ /h


| Price upon complimentary consultation

Written Translations 

.Website Localisation

Fully managed solutions for bringing your website to another culture, from multilingual Wordpress sites to complex architectures

 | £ 0.10 P /w

Advertisement translation

We have translated millions of Ads and keywords since 2010

We have been Google’s main partner for the translation of millions of Ads and keywords since 2006

 |  £ 0.10 P /w

Video Subtitling

We have carried out work on movies & TV Shows adapted with subtitling, voice overs, and dubbing

 |  £ 0.10 P /w

Software Localisation

We localise the original files of your mobile app or desktop software and test them afterwards, sparing you the trouble of copying and pasting. 

|  £ 0.10 P /w

Multilingual DTP

Desktop Publishing in 140 languages, including Asian and right to left languages, to deliver a ready to print file.

 | £ 0.10 P /w

Official translations

Our professional translation services can be certified or sworn in Court, depending on the country where you must present your document.

 | £ 0.10 P /w

Multilingual Chatbots

Integration with chatbot platforms, CMS and customer support ticketing software, dataset expansion, and post-localization testing.

 | £ 0.10 P /w

Urgent Translations

We can translate large volumes in hours and small volumes in mere minutes thanks to our large network of translators powered by optimized technologies.

 | £ 0.10 P /w

Simple Document Translation

Use our online quote to experience the fast and easy way to translate your documents in 197 languages.

 | £ 0.10 P /w

Website Localization

Fully managed solutions for bringing your website to another culture, from multilingual Wordpress sites to complex architectures.

Why should we be your one-stop language provider?

At MEC-ti Translations and Interpreting we pride ourselves in consistently providing professional, high-quality language services that meet our clients' global demands. Please follow the link below to learn more about our high-quality and cost-effective language services for ANY language need.